The King visits Luleå

On Friday 12 May, The King visited Luleå to meet Compass Rose Scholarship recipient Robert Kusén and to take part in the Young Leadership seminar, which was held at Vetenskapens Hus.

The day began at SSAB Luleå, where The King was welcomed by Robert Kusén.

Robert began by explaining what the Compass Rose Scholarship has meant for him and what has happened since he received the scholarship in 2008. He was awarded the scholarship in recognition of his efforts as Workshop Manager at Scania's engine assembly plant in Södertälje. Since then, he has worked as a management strategist and Lean Manager for Södertälje Municipality, and is now Vice President at SSAB EMEA.

Robert Kusén talks about SSAB's management philosophy. Photo: Nathalie Malic

The King heard about the work involved in the SSAB One management philosophy, which involves improving the company's flow, taking customer value as the starting point and involving all employees in the improvement work.

During his visit to SSAB, The King was shown Blast Furnace 3, Europe's most carbon dioxide-efficient blast furnace. Photo: Nathalie Malic

The King then continued onwards to Vetenskapens Hus to take part in the Young Leadership seminar. The King's Young Leadership Foundation and the Scouts brought together 100 leaders to discuss the importance of value-based leadership together with the Compass Rose Scholarship recipients.

The theme for the seminar was 'The UN's development goals through value-based leadership', linking to the 17 global sustainable development goals adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in autumn 2015.

The King opens the Young Leadership seminar at Vetenskapens Hus in Luleå. Photo:

The King opened the seminar, saying:

"My involvement with the Scouts has shown me what young value-based leadership can achieve, both for an individual in the form of personal development and also in terms of the opportunity to do good in society.

"This afternoon, we will be talking about the UN's sustainability goals. Becoming a sustainable world places great demands on us as individuals – and not least as leaders. The leaders of the future must be prepared to change their perspective and to re-examine accepted truths. They must be well-informed, courageous and down-to-earth."

During the seminar, Nina Ekelund from the business network Hagainitiativet and Kaj Török from Max hamburger restaurants shared their thoughts and experiences in connection with sustainable leadership.

Each observation was followed by discussions between the participants.

During the discussions on leadership, Supreme Commander Micael Bydén highlighted respect as an important value. Photo:

The day concluded with a discussion with this year's Compass Rose Scholarship recipients, Afnan Khabiri, Aliya Sabir Imanli, Andra Farhad and Louise Lindén.

The Young Leadership seminar was arranged in partnership with Luleå University of Technology, Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce, Norrbotten County Administrative Board and LKAB.

Young Leadership

The Young Leadership Foundationexternal link, opens in new window was a gift to The King on his 60th birthday, at the initiative of the Scouts. The foundation works to highlight young leaders with good value-based leadership skills. The foundation's values are based on the values of the Scout Movement, and courage, consideration and energy are central to good value-based leadership.

The Compass Rose Scholarship is awarded to young people who, regardless of their formal title, have shown through their actions that they have taken responsibility and demonstrated involvement above and beyond the ordinary, and who can show that the scholarship can help them to keep developing good leadership. The King's Young Leadership Foundation operates the scholarship programme. The scholarship amount is SEK 50,000 per scholarship, to be used for personal leadership development.